We are pleased to share the Community Update of the SDG16 Hub! This month’s edition features new and exciting resources, tools, initiatives, and events. 


UPDATES featured include: 

  • UNDP Report Launch: Global Progress Report on Goal 16 Indicators: SDG 16 A wake-up call for action on peace, justice and inclusion 

  • IDLO Report Lauch: Diverse Pathways to people-centred justice: Report of the Working Group on Customary and Informal Justice and SDG 16+ 

  • UNDP Policy Document: SDG 16.6.2: Understanding satisfaction with public service for more effective, accountable, and inclusive public institutions. 

  • 2023 Membership Meeting of the Praia Group on Governance Statistics 

  • SDG Summit Event Summaries: 

  • Global SDG 16+ Coalition ‘Delivering the SDGs through Peace, Justice, Inclusion and Strong Institutions’ (SDG16+) 

  • UN Legal Identity Agenda, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Data for Health Initiative, UNICEF, UNDESA, WHO, UNFPA, UNDP ‘Unlocking SDG 16.9: Harnessing the UN Legal Identity Agenda for Leaving No One Behind’ 

  • IDPS, ‘Accelerating Progress on SDG 16 in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Contexts Statement’ 

  • Latest Blogs featured on the SDG 16 Hub 

  • UNDP Blog/Op-Ed: Five things to know about the New Agenda for Peace 

  • CIVICUS: Intergenerational Movement for Change: CIVICUS Uniting for a Just and Sustainable Future 

  • UNDP Blog/Op: Where are we now? The SDGs, justice and human rights 

We are enthusiastic to continue providing SDG 16 updates including events, resources, and initiatives. For any inputs and feedback, please write to contact@sdg16hub.org