Why this Guidance Resource?

Amidst extraordinary and unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19, compounding already strained systems of governance globally, failing institutions, shrinking civic space and increasing social unrest driven by entrenched, structural injustice, this resource seeks to support the realization of more peaceful, just and inclusive societies through Sustainable Development Goal 16 (SDG 16), the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Voluntary National Review (VNR) process.

Now five years into the 2030 Agenda, the world is backsliding on SDG 16. Intended for a range of actors and institutions, this resource provides policy guidance and case studies on advancing SDG 16 implementation at national and subnational levels by more effectively leveraging VNR and post-VNR processes. Ultimately, the question is: how can we ensure that the VNR is maximized for SDG 16 impact, including improved subsequent reporting?

As such, this resource introduces the 2030 Agenda, SDG 16, the VNR, before detailing approaches to mainstreaming and accelerating SDG 16 implementation through the VNR, including the what, who and how approaches highlighted. Finally, the resource adheres to a set of guiding principles, including that which underpins the entire 2030 Agenda: Leave No One Behind.

The full report and the executive summary are available below.

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