In the blog series Global Alliance Dispatches, the Global Alliance and its partners shine the spotlight on some of today's most pressing challenges and untapped opportunities for the achievement of peaceful, just and inclusive societiesWith the review of SDG16 at HLPF around the corner, the series revisits key findings of the 2019 seminal report Enabling the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda Through SDG 16+: Anchoring Peace, Justice and Inclusion and explores what the development community has learned and how it has evolved over the last two years on reporting, monitoring and implementation of SDG16 on the ground.

The meaningful participation and inclusion of civil society actors in the implementation, monitoring and reporting of the SDGs, a principle at the heart of SDG 16, has been increasingly challenged over the last decade. In the Global Alliance’s 2nd Dispatch, drawing on the newly adopted UN Guidance Note on the Protection and Promotion of Civic Space, the Global Alliance and OHCHR take a look at ‘Civic Space: Why it Matters’.

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