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Key Resources: Praia Group Task Team on Participation

Maximilian Fasold
Maximilian Fasold • 18 April 2023

On this page, you will find the key working documents produced by the Praia Group Task Team on Participation in Political and Public Affairs since its creation in November 2021, as part of the process it has embarked on to help develop internationally harmonized statistical methodologies to measure various aspects of participation in political and public affairs. 


  • Conceptual and Measurement Framework on Political and Public Affairs 
  • Preliminary Mapping of Relevant International & Regional Household Survey Sources and Sample Survey Questions Against Sub-Dimensions and Key Indicator Areas Identified in the Handbook on Governance Statistics 
  • Draft Survey Questionnaire on Political and Public Affairs
  • Expert appraisal of the draft questionnaire by Statistics Norway
  • Meeting presentations (PPT slides) for webinars 1-7