#HLPF2019: Renewing the Ambition of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Civil Society Perspectives on Principles for a Successful HLPF Review

SDG 16 Hub

HLPF review comes at a critical moment when SDGs implementation is close to reaching 5 years and when HLPF will look at its next cycle, functioning and modalities. Current working methods and organization of the Forum has been a key concern not only for Civil Society but also Member States, Major groups and other key stakeholders. During the first cycle, Civil Society has presented a number of recommendations on improving these methods to ensure HLPF delivers on the mandate of tracking progress, providing political guidance, identify gaps, etc. on achieving the SDGs.

Joining up for this event are:

Action for Sustainable Development
TAP Network

In recent months, these three Civil Society networks have reached out to their constituencies and overall civil society at national, regional and global level to specifically gather their views on HLPF review. Thus, Surveys were carried out by each one: Together 2030 surveyed its over 700 members, Action for Sustainable Development launched its survey across Civil Society, TAP Network surveyed its members and so did Forus as well. Outcomes and recommendations of these surveys will be shared during the side event and a set of Principles will be presented.

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