SDG 16 @ HLPF 2019

HLPF 2019: 'Empowering People and Ensuring Inclusiveness and Equality'

The UN High-level Political Forum (HLPF) is the main platform for follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It provides a unique opportunity to promote understanding of and support for SDG 16+: what it is; how it accelerates progress across the 2030 Agenda; how to implement it; where progress is being made; how to monitor progress; why it matters for inclusive development and transforming our world; and finally what it takes to create measurable improvements in peace, justice, and inclusive institutions that deliver on all goals for all people. 

The topic of the HLPF’s annual Thematic Review for 2019 is ‘Empowering People and Ensuring Inclusiveness and Equality’. It will review five SDGs in depth, including SDG 16 on peaceful, just and inclusive societies, as well as SDG 4 on Education, SDG 8 on Growth and Employment, SDG 10 in Reducing inequalities, and SDG 13 on Climate Change. A coalition of SDG 16+ global initiatives, which includes the Global Alliance for Reporting Progress on Peaceful, Just, and Inclusive Societies, the 16+ Forum and the Pathfinders have come together around the Stand-Up for SDG 16+ campaign to promote more effective advocacy and action on SDG 16+.

Report on SDG 16+

The Global Alliance and its partners are drafting a report on SDG16+. The report will be informed by the technical consultations and online-consultations, and in turn, the report will feed into the Expert Group Meeting and the Thematic Review. The report will complement the Secretary General’s report by focusing on SDG 16. At the same time, it will cater to a broader audience by highlighting human stories, trends and lessons learned 

The SDG 16+ Technical Consultations

As part of this campaign leading up to HLPF 2019, the UNDP, in partnership with this coalition, is supporting a series of technical consultation on SDG 16+. This will be both online and in-person, with the aim to highlight progress on monitoring, reporting and implementation of SDG 16+, and distill key messages for the thematic review of SDG 16. The objective of the consultations is to identify good practices in monitoring, reporting and implementation of SDG 16+, strengthen country programming, and support to national partners in delivering on SDG 16+.

  • Highlight key trends and achievements on SDG 16+
  • Provide case studies illustrating SDG 16+ in action
  • Demonstrate how progress on SDG 16+ enables progress across the 2030 Agenda
  • Identify challenges and opportunities on mainstreaming SDG 16+ as part of national/sub-national development and SDG implementation plans, including in crisis contexts
  • Identify how inclusive planning, monitoring and reporting can be leveraged
  • Make key policy recommendations


Completed Consultations:

Rule of Law and Access to Justice for All

Sierra Leone

11 October 2018

(Concept Note) (Summary)

Inclusion and Human Rights

Cabo Verde

28-30 November 2018

(Concept Note) (Summary EN) (Summary PT)

Upcoming Consultations:

Armed Violence Reduction and Community Security

January 2019 (TBC)

Justice in Crisis Contexts

The Netherlands

Early February 2019 (TBC)

Inclusive Participation


26-27 February

Climate Security

February 2019 (TBC)

Inclusive Institutions

January/February 2019 (TBC)


SDG 16+ Online Consultation

To enable contributions from a wide range of stakeholders, an online consultation will be held through the SDG 16+ Hub to provide an opportunity to define key messages, highlight stories and good practices, and share case studies of what has worked best in the implementation of SDG 16+. These inputs will shape the Technical Consultations and feed into the SDG 16+ Report and UN DESA Expert Group Meeting. 


Other activities ahead of HLPF 2019

As every year, there are a number of UN-led activities to prepare the key elements of the HLPF. Such as: 

  • VNR 2019 Preparation: Regional preparation meetings
  • Thematic Review 2019 Preparation: Expert Group Meetings on SDGs under the Thematic Review