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UN World Data Forum 2020

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SDG 16 Hub

The United Nations and Swiss Confederation confirm the physical meeting of the World Data Forum will be postponed to October 2021

A virtual forum will now be planned on 19 – 21 October 2020 to satisfy the demand for the latest data solutions and thinking to support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and now more urgently for the monitoring and recovery from COVID-19. The live stream programme structure and session titles for the virtual Forum can be found here. Further details of the speaker line-up, the pre-recorded sessions and virtual exhibit spaces featuring in the Forum will be released in September as well as information on how participants can engage and take an active part in the event. The Data Forums are an opportunity for data and statistics experts from around the world to join together with governments, businesses, civil society and the scientific and academic communities to explore innovative ways to apply data and statistics to measure global progress and inform evidence-based policy decisions on the 2030 Agenda. This contributes to important discussions, data labs and interactive platforms aimed at improving the use of data for sustainable development; and launch new initiatives and solutions that will deliver better data for all.


For more information, visit their website by clicking here.

To see the live stream programme structure and session titles for the virtual Forum, click on the file below.

N.B.: The enrolment for this event must be done through its official website. Enrolling through the SDG 16 Hub does not guarantee your participation in the event.