SDG16+ In Peril - 2022 Rome Conference Civil Society consultation

Ellery Wong
Ellery Wong

Civil Society consultation organised in context of the SDG16 Conference in Rome


About this event

Since the adoption of the 2030 Agenda in 2015, progress towards SDG16+ has been slow and uneven – and in many cases backsliding. On top of this, global trends and forces continue to work against peaceful, just and inclusive societies, with political will from governments fading and exclusion on the rise.

The annual SDG16 Conference represents an opportunity for civil society to come together to identify areas where amplified actions are needed on SDG16+. In this context, the 2019 and 2021 editions of the Rome Civil Society Declaration on SDG16+ have been issued to advocate for deeper implementation and accountability of SDG16+ from governments, the international community and civil society alike.

2022 is a turning point as civil society is mobilising to issue a new Declaration. As part of the SDG16 Conference in April, a civil society consultation is scheduled to allow for a final review of the 2022 version of the Declaration and its presentation in the context of the conference.

The consultation is organised to provide an opportunity for civil society organizations working on SDG16+ to collectively review and discuss areas for amplifying actions to safeguard and advance SDG16+ commitments, and for participants to provide inputs for the presentation of the 2022 update to the Rome Civil Society Declaration on SDG16+

Find more information on the 2022 Rome Civil Society Declaration via this link: