SDG16+: An Interactive Dialogue on Reinvigorating Action towards an Agenda in Peril

Ellery Wong
Ellery Wong

2022 HLPF Side-Event for the Global SDG16+ Coalition


This virtual and interactive multi-stakeholder event hosted by the Global SDG16+ Coalition will serve as a critical call-to-action for the international community to accelerate the implementation of the  SDG16+ targets of peace, justice and inclusion as the enabler of the 2030 Agenda. With progress backsliding on SDG16+, this side-event will present the interlinkages between SDG16+ and the SDGs under review at the 2022 HLPF, highlighting the multi-disciplinary impacts that inaction on SDG16+ has on progresses toward gender equality and protection of terrestrial and marine ecosystems among others. To do this, the event will showcase solutions, findings and learnings from the recent SDG16+ Coalition Global Workshop on SDG16+ interlinkages with the SDGs under review at the 2022 HLPF.

This event will be hosted in a dynamic “Davos-style” format, featuring an in-depth dialogue with experts from around the SDG16+ community. The dialogue will explore the current state of SDG16+, along with a discussion on concrete actions and commitments that must be made to improve progress towards SDG16+, as we approach the halfway point to 2030. The event will also highlight recent efforts within the Global SDG16+ Coalition to further this call-to-action, including the 2022 Rome Civil Society Declaration on SDG16+.