As part of measuring more inclusive and representative decision-making, the SDG framework encourages countries to report on the proportions of positions in public institutions compared to national distributions, including the parliament, public service and the judiciary, at national and local level. As custodians for the indicator, UNDP and IPU will host a webinar on indicators SDG 16.7.1a (parliaments), SDG 16.7.1b (public service) and SDG 16.7.1c (judiciary), which graduated to Tier II status in 2020.

The virtual meeting will share updates to the methodology for these indicators and feature national experiences to showcase examples of how national statistical offices can draw on administrative data to report on parts b and c of these indicators. Speakers will also discuss how data on diversity and representation can be a powerful tool to inform policies to promote inclusive governance and gender equality. Speakers will also emphasize the importance of strengthening national statistical systems to collect and use administrative data sources to ensure quality and timely reporting and overcome critical data gaps in measuring SDG 16.

Metadata for these indicators is available at United Nations Statistics Division Website. It is worth noting that data for SDG 16.7.1a is reported to the IPU directly by parliaments, whereas data for SDG 16.7.1b and c is reported to UNDP by national statistical offices.



The webinar aims to inform participants, particularly national statistics offices and parliamentary staff, on the developments in methodology related to SDG indicators measuring representation in legislatures, public service and the judiciary and to share country experiences in quality assurance to produce accurate and timely statistics.


Target Audience

The webinar is directed to data producers of inclusive decision making, national statistics offices, parliaments, public administrations and judiciary. The webinar is also targeted to users of the indicator aiming to strengthen their knowledge in the data production.



English and French






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