#HLPF2019: Side Event on Gender Equal Arms Control – Leveraging the 2030 Agenda to Promote Peace

SDG 16 Hub

The illicit use of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALWs) in conflict zones, urban areas and even within households, stands in the way of reducing violent deaths – the first target of SDG16. Their presence contributes to impeding development, driving irregular migration and pushing entire regions into conflict and instability. It further aggravates sexual and gender-based violence both within and outside of conflict contexts. During its Security Council presidency Germany highlighted this nexus in Security Council Resolution 2467.

Women’s meaningful participation in arms control and disarmament efforts is a crucial component of the Women Peace and Security Agenda. Similarly, broader efforts for reaching the 2030 Agenda goals include emphasis on full and effective participation of women (SDG5). Yet, the gendered nature of armed violence as well as women’s meaningful participation in arms control efforts remain insufficiently addressed. This undermines women’s differential contribution to reduce illicit trafficking and to contribute to SALWs control.

In partnership with the African Women Leader’s Network (AWLN), building on consultations convened at the African Union and co-hosted by the Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies, this side event will discuss lessons learned from regional roadmaps, feature experiences from arms control experts and identify pathways to strengthen meaningful participation of women to devise effective, efficient, comprehensive and – most importantly – gender equal SALW control measures.

For RSVP and further questions, please contact Mr. Bojan Francuz, Pathfinders Program Assistant, at bojan.francuz@nyu.edu