Global Technical Workshop - Ways Forward: Monitoring SDG 16+

Ingrid Erno
Ingrid Erno

The Global Alliance for Reporting on Progress on Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies and the Danish Institute of Human Rights are bringing together a multi-stakeholder group of experts from all regions to address critical challenges pertaining to the national monitoring of Sustainable Development Goal 16+. The objectives of the workshop entitled “Ways Forward: Monitoring SDG 16+” is to exchange successes, lessons learned and to examine opportunities to address gaps in the production and usage of national data to monitor SDG 16+ and respective human rights obligations. 

With over 50 organizations represented, including UNDP Country Offices from Senegal, Tunisia and Uganda, working group discussions will cover the wide breath of SDG 16+ targets related to inclusive political participation, reducing violence, anti-corruption and access to information. 

UNDP, with support from Global Alliance partners, is re-launching an SDG 16 National Monitoring Methodology which supports national reporting processes by engaging a diverse group of national stakeholders to establish relevant monitoring systems for SDG 16.  Since 2017 the methodology has been applied in 14 countries to establish reliable, objective and independent monitoring systems of SDG 16 indicators and to promote the integration of indicators into national planning process.   Participants from UNDP Country Offices of Uganda, Senegal and Tunisia will share their perspectives on SDG 16+ monitoring in country with the hopes of learning and implementing the SDG 16 National Monitoring Methodology

The workshop will be held 5-6 February 2020 in Copenhagen, Denmark.  For further information please contact

To read the workshop's report and summary report, click here.