8th meeting of the Task Team on Participation

Xinyue Wen
Xinyue Wen

8th Meeting of the Praia Group Task Team on Participation in Political and Public Affairs (5 Dec 2023) 

At this meeting, statisticians from Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo (South Kivu), Nigeria, and Norway shared overall impressions and key results from cognitive testing of the draft questionnaire in their respective national contexts and national languages. Further test results from the Slovak Republic and Cabo Verde are expected by the end of 2023. The key focus for 2024 will be on field-testing (piloting) the revised questionnaire on larger samples (100-300 respondents). To save on costs, this can be done as part of an ongoing survey, to which the NSO can attach a short (“core”) module on the topic. NSOs from all regions and all development contexts were invited to take part in this critical step towards the finalization of the questionnaire.


Please find the Zoom recording here