13 Feb - 18 Nov 2023

Training of Trainers on Climate Change and Governance

Githinji Kamotho
Githinji Kamotho • 25 January 2023
Training Of Trainers

Training of Trainers on Climate Change & Governance.


The midpoint of the 2030 Agenda, is this year. There will be an SDG Summit in September 2023 to mark the end of the second 4 year cycle of countries Voluntary National Reviews.

Kenya in East Africa Region will be among countries carrying out a Voluntary National Review (VNR). Which will be submitted to the United Nations SDG Summit to mark the end of the second 4 year cycle of review.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals encourages member states to "conduct regular and inclusive reviews of progress at the national and sub-national levels, which are country-led and country-driven". These national reviews are expected to serve as a basis for the regular reviews by the high-level political forum (HLPF), meeting under the auspices of ECOSOC.

It’s on the basis that East Africa Climate Change Network- a registered INGO is embarking on a establishing a 1000 Training of Trainers on Climate Change and Governance.

The program intended to empower the trainees with various skills and knowledge, core program objective is to establish 1. - Kenya Environmental Sustainability and Social Auditors (KESSA) 2.Advance and propel enactment of an effective Public Participation Act in Kenya.

Therefore we call for partners and collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

Glimpse of our proposed 1 week (50 Participant) Training Thematic Areas are;

1. Understanding:  17 Sustainable Development Goals, Targets and Indicators connecting to local level through Civic Education.

2. Climate Change Act, 2016: Social and Environmental Monitoring and Evaluation and reporting     (i) Environmental Sustainability planning (ii). Waste management and Pollution control. (iii).Understanding Blue Economy and Green Circular Economy (iv) Ecosystem Restoration Process.

3. Engaging County Climate Change Units (CCCUs) and access to County Climate Change Funds (CCCFs) :

4: Health: Engaging on Health Facilities/Hospital Management Committee.

5: Mapping/Forests/ Health Facilities and Wetlands, Soil research and 15 Billion Tree cultivation.

6: Human and Environmental Rights Defender establishment.

7. Actions on Accountability/Fighting Corruption/Open and Participatory Governance.

The training target group are out of university students, farmers, religious leaders, fisher folks, indigenous communities.

The FREE of CHARGE Trainings will take place in 4 Major City in Kenya (Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu and Malindi) for 10 Months.

Two physical trainings of 50 Participants each will be taking place each month.

The training modular are group works, field work and group reflections. 


View our previous event report 



Photos.  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dh-9UxtU_dQedOjNwxmrEWRgOgwI9CtZ?usp=sharing 



VISION: Whoever believes there is a problem tomorrow gets busy solving it today.


Convening Organization:

East Africa Climate Change Network through it platform Baraza La Taifa-

Githinji Kamotho.

Executive Director.

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