#SDG16Now Campaign: Unite for Peaceful, Justice & Inclusive Societies

#SDG16Now is a global civil society campaign to support accelerated action towards SDG16+ around peaceful, just and inclusive societies. At the halfway point to the 2030 delivery date for the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda, governments and the international community must seize the moment at the September 2023 SDG Summit to reinvigorate commitments and financing for SDG16+, to bring progress towards the SDGs back on track.




About the campaign

The #SDG16Now Campaign is a global movement working towards accelerating action on Goal 16 of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - promoting peaceful, just, and inclusive societies. As the UN SDG Summit approaches in September 2023, we have a vital opportunity to issue transformative commitments and renew financing to achieve SDG16+ by 2030. If you're passionate about creating a more peaceful world and want to be a part of this important cause, then joining the #SDG16Now Campaign is the perfect way to make a difference.


The #SDG16Now Campaign calls to:

  1. Mobilize Transformative Commitments for SDG16+

Governments and all stakeholders must make specific and transformative commitments to advancing SDG16+ at the 2023 SDGs Summit and other key moments, and ensure follow-up and accountability to these commitments #Commitments4SDG16Now


  1. Strengthen and Catalyze Robust Financing for SDG16+

Governments, International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and donors must scale up investments in SDG16+ at all levels, including through additional support for civil society and grassroots communities


  1. Recognize and Harness the Indispensable Role of Civil Society for SDG16+

Civil society must be recognized as a critical component in advancing SDG16+ and the 2030 Agenda at all levels, including through robust participation and engagement around the 2023 SDGs Summit and beyond


With the international community facing a convergence of crises around peace, justice and human rights, the global SDG16+ community has an opportunity to re-shift its efforts and commitments to ensuring that SDG16+ is high on the agenda and serves as a central focus of the upcoming global SDG Summit in September 2023.


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