This year end edition of the Sustainable Development Goal 16 (SDG 16) Info Digest brings information on the latest developments on SDG 16 related work, including those that have a COVID-19 focus. Among others, in this edition are the updates on the recently concluded 19th IACC and upcoming Anti-Corruption day 2020. The updates also include the SDG 16 work taking place at the regional and county level. Here you will also find information on a number of new projects and initiatives, recent and upcoming events, as well as new tools and resources on SDG 16.

The Info digest provides updates on SDG 16 related events and activities, within the UN System and outside. It also brings information about resources such as publications, articles, blogs, tools and platforms. We invite you to share any SDG 16 related information or resource that you would like to see featured in future editions of this digest with Aseem Andrews at