About the SDG 16 Hub

Capturing Knowledge and Driving Collaboration for SDG 16 Impact

Knowledge and Collaboration on SDG 16 

The SDG 16 Hub was launched in response to an increasing demand for structured and centralised information on SDG 16 and the desire for meaningful and impactful collaboration opportunities.

The SDG 16 Hub is not a corporate website, but a hub designed to allow all stakeholders with an interest in SDG 16 to learn about the key pillars related to SDG 16, share knowledge, and collaborate. It includes resources on SDG16 that are produced by UN agencies, governments, other stakeholders as well as multi-stakeholder initiatives.

What does the SDG 16 Hub do?

The SDG 16 Hub is designed to be a one-stop shop for knowledge and collaboration on SDG 16. It does so by offering the following:

lamp KNOWLEDGE: A growing collection of resources on SDG 16 in a searchable database. In addition, users can browse resources by following three key questions: WHAT, WHO, HOW TO.

sharing COLLABORATION: The SDG 16 Hub also hosts an interactive space to foster sharing and learning on SDG 16. Sign up today to collaborate with colleagues and partners!

Watch: SDG 16 Hub User Guide

Photo credit: @UNDP Pakistan