SDG16DI Global Report 2020

SDG 16 Hub • 17 November 2020

"The SDG16DI is pleased to present its fourth annual Global Report, part of a series aimed at evaluating global progress towards realizing the 2030 Agenda’s promise of peaceful, just, and inclusive societies. The Global Report provides governments, UN officials, and civil society stakeholders with a resource to help understand progress on the SDG16 targets. It also provides an evidence base for identifying gaps in both the implementation and monitoring of SDG16, and for altering course to accelerate implementation where needed. In addition, by relying on both official data collected by National Statistical Offices (NSOs) and robust non-official data collected by civil society, the Global Report provides a holistic view of progress under each of the SDG16 targets"

To read  the full report, click on the file below.