As a critical enabler of progress towards the entire 2030 Agenda, urgent action on SDG16+ is an enabler and pre-requisite for accelerating implementation across multiple goals and thus, achieving a stronger, more resilient future for both current and future generations. Without continuous progress towards peace, justice and inclusion at all levels, none of the SDGs can be delivered in full.   

In light of the pandemic and its exacerbating effects on pre-existing inequalities, there is a growing awareness of the gap between the stated ambition of the 2030 Agenda and where we are headed based on current trajectories to build more peaceful, just and inclusive societies.

In this joint statement, the SDG 16+ Coalition, representing 40 countries and over 100 partners, are calling on Governments to urgently make SDG16+ the foundation for COVID-19 reset and recovery efforts. 

To read the full statement see file below.