The Global SDG Accountability Report is a first-of-its-kind publication that aims to survey the current state of accountability (or lack thereof) for the 2030 Agenda at subnational, national, and international levels. In addition to a varied body of expert insight, this report presents an analysis of the collected reflections and inputs from the SDG Accountability Survey, completed by a diverse set of stakeholders from around the world. In this Global SDG Accountability Report you will also find insights and recommendations for advancing accountability for the 2030 Agenda through the Campaign for a Decade of Accountability for the SDGs.   

The report aims to provide a “snapshot” of SDG Accountability, as well as valuable perspectives across stakeholders at all levels on the role each plays in holding duty-bearers to account. We hope that the report provides a foundational understanding and platform for all stakeholders interested in taking part and driving the accountability processes for the 2030 Agenda and gives readers the necessary resources and guidance to develop their own approach and forge meaningful partnerships.

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