16+ Forum, Timor-Leste Annual Showcase

Oslo Governance Centre • 3 July 2019

In September 2016, the 16+ Forum announced the Annual Showcase, a collective undertaking to showcase SDG 16+ in action- what implementation looks like, how to go about it, and lessons learned to take forward. Held on a yearly basis, the Annual Showcase takes place in a 16+ Forum member country.

With the first Annual Showcase in Tbilisi, Georgia, the second in Freetown, Sierra Leone and now the third in Dili, Timor-Leste, each opens with a focus on the host country and a flagship theme, while then broadening the lens to include a variety of country and regional contexts.

Bringing additional regional diversity to the Annual Showcase with Timor-Leste as host, this third SDG 16+ global gathering will also highlight practical synergies with other major international frameworks, including  the New Deal’s Peacebuilding and Statebuilding Goals, further adding to the push for SDG 16+ at home and abroad. 

With wide-ranging participation of governments, local and international civil society organizations, members of the UN system, regional and international organizations, the private sector and academia, the Annual Showcase provides a yearly opportunity to highlight steps taken at regional, national and local levels towards SDG 16+ implementation, inclusive of challenges, successes and solutions. From field visits to panel discussions, this four-day, innovative and interactive conference brings together a diverse group of stakeholders and champions. Holding the Showcase at the country-level, whether in Georgia, Sierra Leone or Timor-Leste, orients participants towards implementation, sustainable impact and continued efforts to advance peaceful, just and inclusive societies well into 2030 and beyond.