Youth4Peace, "The 16x16 Young Leaders", Biographies

Oslo Governance Centre • 21 May 2019


'16 x 16' is a new global initiative, implemented by UNDP's Youth Global Programme, and supported by the Government of Italy, launched in April 2019 during the ECOSOC Youth Forum 2019.

The aim is to recognize, value and support the positive role that 16 young women and men play as leaders of youth organisations, movements and networks. On a daily basis, these impressive and bold young leaders advance SDG16 implementation, monitoring and accountability, and meaningfully contribute to building peaceful, just and inclusive societies at all levels.

This '16 x 16' group is invited to participate in the preparatory conference on SDG16 in Rome, Italy, in May 2019, and will collaborate with UNDP Youth Global Programme and partners throughout the year, around SDG16 implementation, and linking SDG16 to other global agendas.