SDG16+ Report

The SDG 16+ Report


About the report

This report, of the Global Alliance, Enabling the implementation of the 2030 Agenda through SDG16+: Anchoring peace, justice and inclusion provides an overview of country level actions and progress on SDG 16+ across different regions and development contexts and highlights key trends and findings on SDG 16+ implementation globally.

What’s in the report

The report covers the following areas:

  • Opportunities and challenges for countries when adapting/nationalizing, implementing, monitoring and reporting on SDG 16 within a given national context.
  • Policy and programming recommendations, and suggested actions that different actors can take to accelerate progress on achieving SDG 16.
  • Global and regional trends and countries’ policy efforts to achieve key elements of SDG 16+ covering the pillars of peace, justice and responsive institutions.
  • How progress on SDG 16 enables progress on other SDGs, both in terms of outcome and process.
  • The roles peace, justice and inclusion play in achieving seemingly unrelated goals such as education (SDG 4), economic growth (SDG 8) and climate change (SDG 13).

About “SDG 16+” 

The concept of SDG 16+ identifies peace, justice and inclusion as the three main dimensions comprising the twelve targets of SDG 16 and stresses that targets in other SDGs also contribute to these dimensions. It was developed by the Pathfinders, a global, member-State led initiative that also works on SDG 16. This report builds on the concept of SDG 16+ by organizing all the SDG 16+ targets into clusters that contribute to the three dimensions of peace, justice and inclusion.


This report seeks to help governments conduct participatory planning, monitoring and reporting by drawing together stakeholders and data from all parts of government, civil society, youth, and the private sector. The idea is to gather the evidence and determine the joint action needed for transformative change.

For whom

This report seeks to reach a range of actors in the UN system, as well as national policymakers, non-governmental actors, academia, and the private sector.

About the Global Alliance

This report was developed by the Global Alliance for Reporting on Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies as its contribution to the 2019 Thematic Review of SDG 16. The Global Alliance is a coordinating platform for Member States, private sector and civil society organizations to work together for peace, justice and inclusion. The Alliance is operated by seven member States, three CSOs, and three businesses. Its work is supported by a Secretariat co-facilitated by UNDP, UNODC, UNESCO, UNHCR, OHCHR, UN Women, UN Global Compact and a UN Advisory Group composed of 10 UN Agencies.

What information was used for the report?

The information in this report has been gathered and analyzed using inclusive, participative and consultative processes. The author worked with governments, international agencies, civil society actors, academics and students to gather, document and peer review information on progress on SDG 16+ implementation. The report has been informed by a series of regional multi-stakeholder consultations on SDG 16+, 25 country case studies and draws from evidence of recent research and analysis across SDG 16+ targets. 

Summary documents

The report is accompanied by a summary of its key findings as well as key trends and key recommendations on peace, justice and inclusion captured in the report around progress on implementing, monitoring and reporting on SDG 16+. Translations are available in Spanish, Arabic and French.