SDG 16 Interlinkages

With SDG 16, governments have committed to achieving Peace, Justice and Inclusion as important ends in and of themselves. In addition, Peace, Justice and Inclusion are critical ‘enablers’ to achieving any other SDGs, such as to end poverty, ensure education or conserve oceans. Without Peace, Justice and Inclusion, achieving these and other goals can be difficult to impossible. SDG 16 is therefore often called an ‘enabling goal’. Likewise, various SDGs can help or hinder the achievement of SDG 16. For instance, the effects of climate change can lead to conflict and exclusion.

Understanding the interlinkages between SDG 16 and other SDGs can be a complex task, as it requires experts' knowledge on Peace, Justice and Inclusion, on the one hand, and on the connected Goal, on the other. A number of tools exist to map and analyse interlinkages between different SDG targets, including on SDG 16. Analysing interlinkages can only be the first step. Making use of them to accelerate progress on the SDGs is the main task.

Photo credit: @UNDP Nepal