COVID-19 and SDG 16

COVID-19 and SDG 16

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✎ Pathfinders: Five lessons on confronting violence and systemic discrimination in policing in the Global South, by Adrian Di Giovanni, Alejandra Vargas Garcia, Colleen Duggan, Emma Sanchez-Swaren, Holly Norris, Martha Mutisi, Megan Douglas, Navsharan Singh, Ramata Thioune (17 July 2020)



✎ IISD: Observations on the Quest to Build Back Better, by Mandeep Tiwana, CIVICUS (18 June 2020)

✎ Youth 4 Peace: Young people go the extra-mile to advance SDG16 during the COVID-19 crisis, by Maria Stage (18 June 2020)

✎ Pathfinders: From COVID-19 to Shared Prosperity, by Michael Higgins (3 June 2020)



✎ Open Society Foundation: How the Law Can Empower Victims of COVID-19, by Stephen Golub & Zaza Namoradze (29 May 2020)

✎ Pathfinders: Building back better with stockpiles of trust and social capital, by Liv Tørres (28 May 2020)

✎ Impakter: COVID-19 and Conflict: Is Peace the Cure? by Michael Young (21 May 2020)

✎ Open Government Partnership: Open Government Approaches to Tackling COVID-19, by Sandy Arce and Joe Foti (12 May 2020)



✎ Harvard Business Review: Lessons from Italy’s Response to Coronavirus, by Gary P. Pisano, Raffaella Sadun and Michele Zanini (27 March 2020)

✎ Crisis Group: COVID-19 and Conflict: Seven Trends to Watch (24 March 2020)

✎ Pathfinders: SDG16+ –The key to managing the COVID-19 crisis, by Liv Tørres (18 March 2020)

✎ Brookings: Lessons from past pandemics: Disinformation, scapegoating, and social distancing, by Lawrence R. Poos (18 March 2020)

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