SDG 16+ Report

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What are the Objectives of the SDG 16+ Report?

The SDG 16+ report seeks to show that measuring SDG 16 is possible and progress on SDG 16 enables progress on other goals.

The priority target audience for the report is member states and policy-makers. However, the report will be accessibly written to ensure that it is also relevant for other practitioners such as non-governmental actors. Programmatic guidance for UN staff will not be the focus of the report but may be flagged and further developed after the report has been launched.

What does The Report cover?

The report covers progress on SDG 16 from different perspectives, including:

  • In the areas of peace, justice, inclusion;

  • On adapting, implementing, monitoring & reporting on SDG 16;

  • Action at global, regional and national level;

  • Interlinkages of SDG 16 with other SDGs.

How was the SDG 16+ Report developed?

The drafting process was led by an Editors’ Group consisting of the Global Alliance’s co-facilitators (UNESCO, UNDP, OHCHR, UNODC, UNHCR, UN Women).

The SDG 16+ report draws from:

  • A review of existing analyses by a range of stakeholders on issues covered by SDG 16 (meta analysis)

  • Country Case Studies drafted by national partners in 20+ countries, facilitated by UN Country Teams where they exist.

  • The Technical Consultations and other relevant events that the Global Alliance and the other SDG16+ Coalition partners organised

  • An Online Consultation on the SDG 16+ Hub

Key milestones in the development process

Submission of Country Case Studies 28 February 2019
First draft finalized Early April 2019
eConsultation/peer review on the SDG 16 Hub 8-29 April 2019
Final draft finalized Early May 2019
Presentation of key findings at the EGM on SDG 16 27-29 May 2019
Presentation of key findings at other events May & June 2019
Presentation of key findings at the HLPF July 2019

Contact point for SDG 16+ Report: Ms Victoria Jennett, Lead Writer, Email:

Photo credit: @UNDP Guatemala / CarolineTruttman