SDG 16+ as an Enabler for the 2030 Agenda

Ellery Wong
Ellery Wong

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Background and Objectives: 

Halfway to the 2030 Agenda and with an eye to the SDG Summit, this side-event brings together stakeholders from across the SDG16+ community to take stock of progress towards SDG16+ and share in lessons learned and strategic approaches for strengthened implementation going forward.  As such, it will also look to key opportunities for mobilization leading into the SDG Summit in September 2023 and beyond, ddrawing upon recent and upcoming research by the SDG16+ community (including the TAP Network, the Pathfinders, UNDP, and International IDEA).

Amidst a context of polycrisis and general backsliding of the SDGs, this discussion specifically will identify opportunities for accelerated implementation of the SDG16+ targets for peace, justice, equality and inclusion at all levels, highlighting official and non-official data as a driver of change, unpacking interlinkages for scaled outcomes across the 2030 Agenda, and amplifying the experience and evidence-based solutions that exist. Additional thought will be given to the critical importance of these issues to sustainable development, more generally, and as a buffer against inevitable setbacks.

Delivery of improved and responsive social contacts requires the delivery of SDG16+. As we look to the various milestones before us, this event provides an opportunity to come together and demonstrate our collective commitments to, and action towards, a more peaceful, just and inclusive world.


This event will feature an interactive and recommendations-focused, Davos-style discussion. Speakers will include member states, civil society, UN representatives, international organizations and other stakeholders.  Questions can be submitted by participants in advance through the registration form.

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