The Praia Group on Governance Statistics (the Praia Group) was created in 2015 at the forty-sixth session of the United Nations Statistical Commission (UNSC) in response to the growing recognition of the importance of methodologically sound governance statistics. When the UNSC expressed its support for the continuation of the Praia Group on Governance Statistics for a second term (2020-25), in March 2020, it also requested the Group to “further develop the conceptualization of governance statistics, further improve methodology and standardization, [and] add practical experiences.” 

In October 2020, the Praia Group Secretariat launched an extensive consultation of its members and other relevant actors in the field of governance statistics to collect views and recommendations on potential ‘key deliverables’ that the Group could produce over the next four years to address this request by the UNSC. The COVID-19 crisis and the responses to it make it an opportune time for the Praia Group to translate the recommendations made in its Handbook on Governance Statistics and Guidance Note on Governance Statistics in the COVID-19 Era into action on the ground, aiming at providing readily available methodologies for specific thematic areas, and operational guidance on how to apply these methodologies.

This side-event to the 52nd UN Statistical Commission has two main objectives:

  • Firstly, to share experiences and recommendations around governance data collection efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. This will include a presentation on the Praia Group’s Guidance Note on Governance Statistics in the COVID-19 Era and provide an opportunity for NSOs to share the challenges they face in collecting governance data during the pandemic.
  • Secondly, to present the Praia Group’s plan of work for its new term (2020-25), and open up for NSOs and other interested stakeholders to express interest in leading and/or becoming a member of topic-specific Task Teams of interest, as proposed in the plan of work.

Outcomes from the meeting will include:

  • An assessment of emerging issues and challenges in governance data collection in a crisis context such as the COVID-19 pandemic; and
  • Preliminary expressions of interest from National Statistical Offices and other stakeholders in leading or becoming members of Task Teams to be established in this new term.

The meeting will bring together current Praia Group members (including Steering Committee members) and any other stakeholders interested in governance statistics.




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