Join us for an event hosted by the Global SDG16+ Coalition during the 2021 UN General Assembly High-Level Week, which will explore ways that the international community can enhance efforts to mobilize and support bold and ambitious commitments to SDG16+. This event will showcase existing SDG16+ “Action Platforms”, as well as bold and ambitious partnerships and initiatives to advance SDG16+, and provide an important call-to-action for the making of stronger and more ambitious commitments necessary for implementing SDG16+. 

Opening remarks will be delivered by Lotta Tähtinen from the UN Division for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Distinguished speakers will include:

  • John Romano, Transparency, Accountability & Participation (TAP) Network
  • Paula Sevilla Núñez, Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies
  • Christina Koulias & Michelle Breslauer, UN Global Compact
  • Emma Hunt, World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA)
  • James Suah Shilue, Platform for Dialogue and Peace
  • Rene Diaz, Helping Honduras, 16 x 16 Initiative


Since the adoption of the 2030 Agenda in 2015, global and national progress towards SDG16+ has been slow and uneven – and in many cases is backsliding, with both political will lacking, and concrete action stagnating. On top of this, global forces continue to work against peaceful, just and inclusive societies. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed unique pressures on the world’s governing institutions, presenting once-in-a-generation challenges for all, while exacerbating existing global implementation delays. 

As we enter the Decade of Action and Delivery for the SDGs, our current efforts to advance SDG16+ are simply inadequate, with commitments and actions by governments and all stakeholders failing to realize the ambition of SDG16+ or the 2030 Agenda overall. 

If the international community is serious about achieving  SDG16+ by 2030, we must first outline the concrete and bold actions that will get us over the finish line through this “Decade of Action”. 

About the Global SDG16+ Coalition:

The Global SDG 16+ Coalition is a multi-stakeholder partnership comprised of 40 countries and over 100 partners, all of whom are committed to meeting the aspirations set out in the SDG16+ targets for peaceful, just and inclusive societies. The Coalition looks to amplify existing work around SDG 16+, and foster more effective and inclusive collaboration between key SDG 16+ stakeholders to maximize our collective impacts at all levels. This past year the Coalition, through its Call to Action, urges governments, the international community, and leaders in every sector to make SDG 16+ the foundation for reset and recovery efforts, and to build more resilient societies and institutions going forward. With the Act Now for SDG16+ Statement, the Rome Civil Society Declaration on SDG16 and the ‘Statement from Business Leaders for Renewed Global Cooperation’, there is an increasingly diverse community of voices demonstrating support for a greater focus and accelerated action on SDG 16+.