There is currently demand from member states and great opportunity to strengthen focus on SDG 16 as part of the VNR process - as an enabling goal of the Agenda 2030 and to promote SDG 16 principles of accountability and inclusion as part of the preparation and follow up to the VNR presentations at the High-Level Political Forum. 

In this vein, UNDP and the Transparency, Accountability, and Participation (TAP) Network have initiated an initiative to further explore emerging best practices and challenges related to advancement of SDG 16 as part of VNR process, with focus on the post-VNR follow up and how this can be linked to national planning and development processes. Country experiences are being collected to feed into a new resource to be launched summer 2020 to inspire member states and national stakeholders such as civil society and the private sector on how to include reflections on post-VNR follow up on SDG 16 as part of their VNR process. Following the launch, the usage of the resource will be piloted in 5 countries through workshops/consultations with national governments and relevant stakeholders.

As a first step to developing the resource, TAP and UNDP have invited input through an online survey that can be accessed here. Please feel free to fill out and share with your network! 

Below you can find the following useful information on the initiative: 

  • Two-pager explaining the Strengthening Post-VNR Best Practices on SDG 16+ Initiative 
  • Executive Summary from the first webinar on Post-VNR Best Practices 10th of March 2020
  • Detailed Summary from first webinar on Post-VNR Best Practices 10th of March 2020
  • Collected Country Case Studies first webinar on Post-VNR Best Practices 10th of March 2020

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Want to get involved? Do not hesitate to send an e-mail to TAP Network Coordinator, John Romano, at or UNDP SDG 16 Advisor, Anne Kahl, at