Pathfinders: Justice for All and the Economic Crisis

Oslo Governance Centre • 21 July 2020
justice for all and the economic crisis

"This second briefing explores the justice implications of what the World Bank has forecast will be the worst economic depression in eighty years. The Bank has warned countries to expect “staggering” impacts, but we cannot yet know how serious the damage will be or how effectively government policies will mitigate them. In any scenario, however, the need for justice will continue to change and increase.

Many businesses – and possibly whole industries – face insolvency. Large numbers of people will lose their jobs or be pushed into the informal sector. Food insecurity will increase and levels of poverty will soar. The scars could be lasting, as investment falls, supply chains are damaged, and skills are lost. This will create demand for economic justice from systems that have seen their already inadequate capacity further eroded by the pandemic.

This briefing aims to help justice leaders find innovative ways to meet this demand, while also exploring how justice can catalyze the recovery, give people a fair chance in the economy, and help societies build back better."

The briefing is available below in English, French and Spanish.